Buying Guide

Buying a home sometimes seems a long and difficult process but Gates, Parish & Co is here to explain anything you need to know. We also do our best to help ensure that buying your home is a smooth process for you.

The First Step


Please feel free to contact us concerning any properties you see on our website or Rightmove page. To assist you in locating a suitable property to purchase, we offer the following basic advice:

- Please register on our Mailing List to ensure you receive details of all properties that fall within your requirements.

- Search our current properties. If any of the properties you see interest you, feel free to request further details by contacting us at our Upminster office.

Viewing Properties


We shall be pleased to make arrangements for you to view any potentially suitable properties currently available. Please telephone us on 01708 250033.

Are you able to buy?


When you start searching for a property you should ideally be in a position to buy.

If you are a first time buyer, or not dependent upon selling a property, then you will be in a good position to purchase. However, if you need to find a buyer for your own property before you can purchase, we would normally recommend that you place your own property on the market as soon as possible. If you are within our area we would be pleased to provide you with a free valuation so please contact us.

Your Mortgage


It is always best to make enquiries about the availability of a mortgage before searching for a property. Mortgage lenders will normally provide you with an indication of the amount they will be prepared to lend in principle. They will also give an indication as to the level of monthly repayments.

Making an offer


When you have viewed a property you would like to purchase please contact us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. We will discuss any aspects of the property with you and submit your offer promptly to the seller.

We shall need to know whether or not your offer is subject to the sale of an existing property and whether it is confirmed that the required amount of mortgage has been agreed in principle.

Mortgage valuation or Survey


If you require a mortgage, your Lender is required by law to commission a report on the condition of the property incorporating a valuation. Copies of the valuation report are normally made available to you. However, the mortgage valuation is not a survey and will not necessarily reveal all defects within the property. Consequently, you would be well advised to commission an independent survey report.

If you decide to arrange a survey, your surveyor can undertake either the RICS Homebuyer and Valuation or a full Building Survey. The Homebuyer report tends to concentrate on matters which are either urgent or significant and does not necessarily refer to minor items of disrepair likely to have an effect upon value. A full Building Survey will be more detailed and comprehensive, although the survey fee will be greater than for a Homebuyer Report.

Moving Costs


Moving can be expensive and you are, therefore, advised to consider these likely costs fully before you start house hunting. These costs will be as follows:

- Legal costs and disbursements. Your solicitor can provide an estimate.

- Stamp Duty on the purchase

- Mortgage valuation fee and/or survey fee

- Estate Agents' commission (only applicable if you are selling)

- Removal costs.

Need Advice?


If you need advice about any aspect of buying a property through Gates, Parish & Co, we shall be pleased to assist. Please telephone us on 01708 250033.