Selling Guide

​Gates, Parish & Co has your very best interests at heart. We take the responsibility of representing you very seriously, and aim to acheive the very best price for your property. Thoughout the entire process, we work hard to make the process as smooth as possible, however, to help us secure the best price, it sometimes helps if you know a few of the well known selling tips that help purchasers perceive your property in the best light:


Look at your property objectively

Firstly, it is very difficult to look at your property objectively, but walk around your home and try to look at it through prospective purchasers' eyes. Ask yourself- does it make you want to place an offer?



The exterior of your property


First impressions can be crucial. Have a look at the exterior of the property for damage and wear & tear- if there is any damage consider getting it repaired. Check the exterior paintwork. A wash-down with hot, soapy water generally helps to freshen it up. Or, if you can see flaking paint- your prospective purchasers will also see it and could be put off, so consider repainting. Also, ensure your windows are clean. Dirty windows can make a house look tired and unloved.


The value of a neat garden


The appearance of a garden can make a difference in how a potential purchaser feels about your house. If you have a front garden, be sure everything looks fresh, tidy and welcoming. Hanging baskets and floral tubs generally do wonders for adding visual appeal. Bedding flowers are also a worthwhile investment. Make sure your lawn is cut and neat. If possible, cut the grass before visitors arrive because the smell of freshly cut grass can help boost first impressions.


Interior ideas- tidiness is essential

Clean and tidy is essential. Make sure all surfaces are free from clutter, as this helps to give the appearance of space. It is more difficult for people to imagine their possessions in your property when their eyes see too many of your items. Walk around and check walls and paintwork. If it is poor, consider decorating otherwise it could lessen your chance of getting the best possible price. Freshly cleaned carpets and curtains can also help with that airy appearance. Make sure your kitchen is tidy and everything is put away. Bathrooms and lavatories should also look and smell fresh and clean.

​Have you thought...?

- Aromas subliminally help with the ambience of your home, so if possible fill your kitchen with the smell of fresh bread and/or coffee, and place scented candles or air fresheners around the home.

- Lights often add ambience to a room so, where possible, put table lamps and lights on before people view.

- If it is winter, ensure your property is warm and welcoming.

- Most people like pets but don't assume everyone does, so make sure the visitors are not pestered when they view.